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  Reports about Oil Lubricants Products on KBS and MBC Media
   Date : 11-11-17 12:54     Hit : 8614    
Content of the reporting channels KBS and MBC
Reports about  Oil  Lubricants Products on KBS and MBC Media
More than 100.000 km without an oil change! (Topic subject)
The coefficient of engine friction is reduced almost 100 times with increasing engine power; gasoline consumption and the level of exhaust pollution are also reduced. Environmentally friendly HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer that can be used for over 100 000 km. “Revolutionary HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer ! A new concept of metal lubrication with an Ion-bonded film.’ This was reported on KBS, MBC, YTN, and MBN channels. A new unchanged HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer has gained the attention of all Korean broadcasting channels, as well as consumers' attention.

Is it time for an oil change  Stop all those annoying and frequent oil changes. 
 Private and company’s car drivers are tied up when they are going for an oil change. An absolutely new concept of non-burdening HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer was created exactly for these drivers. Many companies achieved a huge progress in the prolongation of engine life by developing and studying all of the HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer properties. But no matter how well those engine oil were spoken about, time passed, and there were problems in motor oil usage (such as lowering viscosity etc.) as well as social problems around a big amount of waste and exhausts. These and many other factors led to forced oil changes. Processing HANATA MIRAC  Lubricant Enhancer  penetrates even microscopic pores bonding oil molecules with engine metal and making the surface of the treated metal smoother and more powerful. 

Stop to all those annoying frequent oil changes. An oil change is one problem which drivers are faced with. It is difficult for drivers to change oil by themselves. They have to find time to go to car service stations, and it costs a lot of money. Usually experts recommend changing oil every 5,000 km, so many drivers, following this recommendation, change oil after every 5,000 km. However, a newly released HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer product does not make you worry about such problems. All drivers who used HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer  recommend it. One of the many great advantages is that the Chemical Manufacturer has created HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer as a clean and gentle. Institute of Technology testing results. According to the Institute of Technology testing results it has been proved that using  HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer  leads to a reduction of engine wear and the percentage of CO and CO2 in the exhaust. Engine oil filters were also checked after testing. And according to the oil residues, the HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer emitted less polluting elements into the air. In addition, the HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer is resistant to cold; the car starts up fine even at the temperature of -45C. HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer  reduces exhaust pollution by 70-80%, thus giving a leading place among the green engine oils. Test Results: 205,790 km without oil change. Reducing exhaust! Increasing engine power! Smooth move! Excellent wear protection! Economical oil usage! "Dong Gin" used this product for its 117 buses and reported that the buses ran 100,000  km without oil change. HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer is suitable not only for buses, but also for trucks, jeeps and passenger cars. The main advantage of  HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer  is efficiency. Even if you pour this oil into the engine of a very old car, the driver will immediately feel the difference; the machine will start up easily and go smoother.
Presentation of Technology Research Institute: "14% fuel economy"

HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer increased the percentage of fuel savings by 8.68% - 16.76%. The noise level in the engine is decreased by 3.1% - 8%, and the amount of CO2 exhaust gas is reduced by 26.04% - 49.45%. The Q symbol denotes quality and the symbol GQ  a perfect product. HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer was awarded with the Q symbol by the Institute of Petrochemical Testing and then with GQ mark as great product. After using  HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer once you will always use it !

9 inimitable advantages of HANATA MIRAC Lubricant Enhancer  :
1. Excellent wear control, it increases engine life in 3-5 times
2.Prevents the occurrence of impurities with other elements, extends the use of motor oil by 30-50 times.
3.Decreases the friction coefficient by 100 times and increases in engine power
4.Prevents overheating of engines in summer time even due to the long use of air conditioners
6.Reduces exhaust gas by 70-80%
7.A profound economic impact due to a positive reduction in fuel consumption (10~25% improvement in fuel efficiency)
8.Reduces engine noise
9.Decreases driver’s fatigue due to its smooth running

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